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Tessa Brinckman: “Descent” – An Orphic Journey From Piccolo to Contrabass Flute

A solo program for 5 flutes (piccolo, baroque, concert C, alto and contrabass flutes) and electronic media.

DescentPSUPoster020713WebsizeUlpirra by Ross Edwards – piccolo
sonus sonorus by Todd Barton – baroque flute with electronic media
The Tenderness of Cranes by Shirish Korde – flute
rapid♦fire by Jennifer Higdon – flute
Hüzün Nar by Tessa Brinckman – alto flute with electronic media
Below by Alex Shapiro – contrabass flute with electronic media

“Longtime OSF composer and fellow Southern Oregon University prof Todd Barton’s new “sonus sonorus” for Baroque flute and electronics, is inspired by an 18th century composition of French composer Jean-Marie Leclair. The splendidly diverse program… also includes Brinckman’s own sinuous new Turkish-influenced work “Hüzün Nar,” an energetic little piccolo piece by Australian composer Ross Edwards and music by American composers Shirish Korde (a haunting evocation of Japanese shakuhachi music), Washington’s Alex Shapiro (the mysterious “Below,” which evokes whale song and other aquatic echoes) and a virtuosic, appropriately titled barnburner, “Rapid Fire,” inspired by leading American composer Jennifer Higdon’s reaction to inner city violence. Each piece uses a different style and a different instrument, and Brinckman proved masterful in all of them.”  – Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch 2/9/13


Caballito Negro: “Songlines” – Flutes & Percussion

CaballitoNegroComposite2015Howard Hersh – Braided River Nights – alto flute & marimba
David P. Jones – Music For South Africa – alto flute, marimba & vibraphone
Ivan Trevino – This Is Like Jazz – contrabass flute & percussion (new commission – 2016)
Erik Griswold – Timbuktu Stories (new commission – 2016)
Mark Applebaum – The Metaphysics of Notation – various flutes & percussion
Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore – That Which Colors The Soul – flute & tabla (new composition – 2015)
William Kraft – Encounters XVI – flute, marimba, vibraphone, bongos, 2 snare drums, field drum, tenor drum, bass drum, suspended cymbal, tam-tam

Caballito Negro “Songlines” Program Description


Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai: “Mystic Visions” – Flutes & Kotos

What Is A Koto?

MorrisGravesMisshapenPearlElizabeth Brown – The Secret Life of Birds – flute, koto
Tadao Sawai – Flying – koto
Hikaru Sawai – Dosei I and II – alto flute, bass koto
Tessa Brinckman/Mitsuki Dazai – Umi Sajin – flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass koto
Toshio Hosokawa – Snowdrops – flute, koto
Chick Corea – Children’s Songs – flute, bass koto

“…one of the most fascinating concerts in the March Music Moderne festival…”Willamette Week, March 2013


Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai: “Out Of This World” – Flutes & Kotos

HorseheadNebulaHunterWilsonHorses Heads Were Towards Eternity – Yuji Takahashi (1988) – alto flute, koto; poet – Emily Dicksonson “Because I Could Not Stop For Death”
5+13=Prime Number (1983) – John Kaizan Neptune – flute & koto
Children’s Songs: #3, #4, #16 (1971) – Chick Corea – flute, bass koto
Kangen Hisho (1977) – Ichiro Higo – flute & koto
Umi Sajin (2013) – Tessa Brinckman/Mitsuki Dazai – flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass koto
Flute & Koto Programs Full Descriptions

Tessa Brinckman: Baroque Flute, Strings & Continuo

TessaTraversoStandingJean Phillip Rameau – Pieces de Clavecin en Concert
Marais Boismortier – Duo Sonatas for Traverso and Violin
Jean Baptiste Loeillet – Sonata in G Major for Traverso & Continuo, op. 3 no. 8
Jean-Marie LeClair – Sonata no. 4 for Traverso & Continuo
Pietro Locatelli – Trio in F
Georg Philipp Telemann – Trio Sonata in D Major for Flute, Viola d’Amore & Continuo
Johann Peter Guzinger – Partita no. 2 in F Major
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger – Partita in D Major
JJ Quantz – Sonata in E Minor for Traverso & Continuo