Scores are available from Tessa Brinckman (BMI)

Some multi-media pieces allow for flexible instrumentation and technology, and have been performed as concert works

Box | Grown Men Sing
 (2019) – Tessa Brinckman
bass flute + live processing, waterphone, fixed audio + video

11th Species Counterpoint (2019) – Tessa Brinckman & Renee Coulombe
flute + electric piano + digital audio + video
From field recordings and recorded dreams, Tessa Brinckman (flute, field recordings) and Renée T. Coulombe (digital audio/video/electric piano) created this immersive work during The Willows Nest Artist in Residence program in November, 2019. An extended meditation on the sights and sounds of the natural world, and an invitation to contemplate the richness of nature here in the Anthropocene and the Sixth Mass Extinction event.

Blazing World (2018) – Tessa Brinckman
baroque flute + fixed media

Phantom Canyon (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore; fl/melodica/toy piano/hand percussion/waterphone
Night Hunter (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore; bass fl/vibraphone
Edge of Alchemy (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore; prepared piano (4 hands)

Excerpts of Edge of Alchemy at the Ashland Independent Film Festival
New Zealand poet Denis Glover, painted by Evelyn Page

A Cracticus Fancie (2017) – Tessa Brinckman
amplified piccolo + fixed audio

A music setting of the New Zealand classic poem, Denis Glover’s “The Magpies” – from the point of view of a magpie

Hüzün Nar (2012) – Tessa Brinckman
alto flute + fixed audio
Animation by Miles Inada and Devyn McConachie coming in 2021

An homage to novelist Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul, and its modernity

Glass Sky (2003) – Tessa Brinckman
flute + violin + viola + cello

An homage to South African Outsider artist Helen Martins and her Owlhouse
“That Which Colors The Soul” rehearsal

That Which Colors The Soul (2015) –
Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore
flute + tabla + tuned bottles + waterphone + fixed audio

March Music Moderne Festival 2013

Umi Sajin – (2013) – Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai
flute + alto flute + piccolo + koto + bass koto

Nocturne in Process (2020) – Tessa Brinckman
prepared piano + fixed audio
composed and performed for a collaborative performance installation at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

The White Snake
(2012) – Andre Pluess, Tessa Brinckman, Ronnie Malley & Michal Palzewicz
flute + alto flute + piccolo + out + pipa + Chinese & Western percussion + cello
The music was nominated for a 2014 Jefferson Award. White Snake toured the United States and China (2012-2015)

The Clay Cart – (2008) – Andre Pluess, Tessa Brinckman, Terry Longshore & Ed Dunsavage
flute + alto flute + piccolo + out + guitar + tabla + various percussion
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Shining Moments Productions – (1992-4) Tessa Brinckman
Improvisatory + through-composed music in live performance for vintage silent film series, Seattle WA

Sweet Dreams (1991) – Tessa Brinckman
A one woman show by Gloria Maddox, performed in festivals in New York City, Connecticut, Tennessee

Sweet Bird of Youth (1991) – Tessa Brinckman
flute + keyboards + percussion
Composed for trio @ Terry Schreiber Studio (NYC)

The Follower (1988) – Tessa Brinckman
Music for a Margaret Mahy story, recorded for Radio New Zealand

Philoctetes – (1988) – Tessa Brinckman
flute, various hand-held percussion and found instruments, chorus
Production for the New Zealand Drama School

Caucasian Chalk Circle – (1985)Tessa Brinckman
flute + solo and chorus vocals
Production for Victoria University, New Zealand

Duchess of Malfi – (1985) – Tessa Brinckman
2 flutes + doublebass
Sound design + composition, Victoria University