Some scores are available directly from Tessa Brinckman (BMI). Some multi-media pieces listed here allow for flexible instrumentation and technology.

Women in Parallel Empires (2021) – an acousmatic space opera, in post-humous collaboration with Cécile Chaminade’s Sérénade aux Étoiles
Music created, performed and recorded by Jane Rigler and Tessa Brinckman
Video created by Jane Rigler, Tessa Brinckman, Clay Bowen
Video editing by Clay Bowen

Convergence (2020) – a book installation by Michelle A M Miller, with music by Tessa Brinckman

Michelle A M Miller states “Convergence is a durable recording of a fading memory I want to fix in time and the reverie it inspired. It is equal parts family biography, scientific exposition, and abstract imagery contained within a touchable sculptural object. The accompanying score by Tessa Brinckman adds an aural velatura and conjures a cosmic waterscape highlighted by a recording of my mother speaking Miskitu. As Convergence transports us from the terrestrial to the celestial, we experience memory, time, place and the convergence of seemingly asynchronous events and ideas.”

The limited editions, released October 14, 2020, are available to order at IS Projects; Convergence has been featured at the Coral Springs Museum of Art,  Editions/Artist Book Fair NY, and is now part of two public art collections, the University of Miami Special Collections. and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts.

Here’s the music in full, and some images…

Photo Credit for individual photos & video: Johnny Zhang

Box | Grown Men Sing (2019) – Tessa Brinckman bass flute + live processing, waterphone, fixed audio + video

A full digital installation is being created in 2022

New Zealand poet Denis Glover, painted by Evelyn Page

A Cracticus Fancie (2017) – Tessa Brinckman
amplified piccolo + fixed audio

A music setting of the New Zealand classic poem, Denis Glover’s “The Magpies” – from the point of view of a magpie

Stills from the upcoming animation by Miles Inada and Devyn McConachie

Hüzün Nar (2012/2018) – Tessa Brinckman
alto flute + fixed audio

Hüzün Nar​ translates roughly as “Fiery Melancholy” (Turkish and Arabic) and is a nod to Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, and his beloved city, Istanbul, which I travelled to in 2011. The music was inspired by the juxtaposition of multiple, city-wide calls to prayer with hectic electronic dance music coming out of numerous clubs in Istanbul, at a time when the political turmoil was leading to later protests at Taksim Square.

After scoring and recording ​Hüzün​, I asked animators Miles Inada and Devyn McConachie in 2019 to create an animation piece, with complete creative freedom to interpret the score. This project will be completed and released in time for film festival submissions in 2021.

11th Species Counterpoint (2019) – Tessa Brinckman & Renee Coulombe
flute + electric piano + digital audio + video
Tessa Brinckman (flute, field recordings) and Renée T. Coulombe (digital audio/video/electric piano) created this immersive work from field recordings and recorded dreams, during the Willows Nest Artist in Residence program in November, 2019. It’s an extended meditation on the sights and sounds of the natural world, and an invitation to contemplate the richness of nature, here in the Anthropocene and the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Blazing World (2018) – Tessa Brinckman
baroque flute + fixed media

Phantom Canyon (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore  flute + melodica + toy piano + hand percussion + waterphone
Night Hunter (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore bass flute + vibraphone
Edge of Alchemy (2018) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore prepared piano (4 hands)

Premiered at the Ashland Independent Film Festival 2019, these three works were written to accompany a trilogy of silent films by Stacey Steers, as well as stand alone as concert pieces.

That Which Colors The Soul (2015) – Tessa Brinckman & Terry Longshore
flute + tabla + tuned bottles + waterphone + fixed audio

Glass Sky (2003) – Tessa Brinckman
flute + string trio
An homage to South African Outsider artist Helen Martins and her Owlhouse

Nocturne in Process (2019) – Tessa Brinckman
prepared piano + fixed audio
composed and performed for a collaborative performance installation and residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

March Music Moderne Festival 2013

Umi Sajin – (2013) – Tessa Brinckman & Mitsuki Dazai
flute + alto flute + piccolo + koto + bass koto

Inspired by accounts of the Dust Bowl and the Great Garbage Patches in the Pacific Ocean, this piece expresses the ambivalence of our own survival in a self-destructive world

The White Snake (2012) – Andre Pluess, Tessa Brinckman, Ronnie Malley & Michal Palzewicz
flute + alto flute + piccolo + out + pipa + Chinese & Western percussion + cello

White Snake musicians & Andre Pluess at Berkeley Rep 2012

The music was nominated for a 2014 Jefferson Award. White Snake toured the United States and China (2012-2015)