Pressing Buttons

I am in new artistic territory this year, with the current political dystopia as an interesting and crooked companion to my work. I’m assembling a cornucopia of projects and residencies that will inform my personal thesis for 2017, “Worlds Within Music and Text”.   Text and music have inherent tensions and power struggles between them in […]

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The Revolution Requires Beauty

2016 has been turbulent and a revelation, so I’m either laughing or weeping. Some favorite musicians died (Bowie, Prince), the electoral process has unburied corpses that won’t lie down, and the industrial-military complex continues to look after its own while people continue the struggle for human rights.  Artists can either turn the temperature down, or up. […]

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A Month Of Poetry

April is National Poetry Month – its 20 year anniversary actually (and I think the Horsehead Nebula pictured here expresses it best!). Both the flute/percussion duo Caballito Negro concert, Songlines, and the flute and koto concert, Gentle Numbers In Eternity, celebrate this month, with American poetry and essay narratives. Both music programs are a revelation (even after multiple performances), diverse and […]

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