Leaving Home To Come Home

I saw Mary Zimmerman’s vibrant “The Odyssey” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a few weeks ago, a tale of endless metaphors and heart-rending questions about “home”. I left my home, New Zealand, decades ago, to live in the USA. I’m back now on a seven week sojourn, immersed in concerts, residencies, teaching and seeing loved […]

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Shouter in the Library

Almost everyone I know has tiny escape hatches out of their daily work,  spaces to  go blank, or sort out muddled feelings. My husband plays computer games that emit maniacal sounds of crows, machine guns, and cards being dealt.  A couple of other friends knit things that seem to say brightly, “see I’m productive, so […]

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When Words are Woggins

The US is both distant and omnipresent, as I write from Paris (from a poetry slam, pictured above) in last-minute preparation for my concert tomorrow. Immersed in words and music, I’m often lost for words, literally between French and English.  They are like woggins, wending their way through various states of (non)recognition and (un)meaning. Losing your […]

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