Corn Field, Ercourt, France – Tessa Brinckman This summer I spent a two week residency at Centre Pompadour, a neo-feministe haven, where I wrote the first nine minutes of music, Box | Grown Men Sing.  Endless hours of being buried in loops of electronics and bass flute necessitated walks around the farmlands in this part […]

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When Words are Woggins

The US is both distant and omnipresent, as I write from Paris (from a poetry slam, pictured above) in last-minute preparation for my concert tomorrow. Immersed in words and music, I’m often lost for words, literally between French and English.  They are like woggins, wending their way through various states of (non)recognition and (un)meaning. Losing your […]

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You Know What I Mean…

While I was researching the subject of codes, I found disturbing stories about a triple parentheses meme, which months ago circulated the internet. Neo-Nazis have used this “echoing” symbol to encapsulate names of Jewish writers on Twitter, thereby targeting and enabling bullying, racist threats and physical assault.  Echoing joins a list of other kinds of […]

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