First, some words of wisdom...

A artful rock formation in central Turkey, not sitting on its ass in a museum...

"I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum."

- Claes Oldenburg

Touring Programs

This page lists current touring programs. For repertoire history and descriptions, you can go to the current Performances and Past Performances pages.

“Descent” – An Orphic Journey From Piccolo to Contrabass Flute

The audio of sonus sonorus is from the "Descent" program in Corvallis in March 2013. For audio of Huzun Nar go to Questions & Answers.

Ulpirra – Ross Edwards – piccolo
sonus sonorus – Todd Barton – baroque flute with electronic media
The Tenderness of Cranes – Shirish Korde – flute
Rapid fire – Jennifer Higdon – flute
Huzun Nar – Tessa Brinckman – alto flute with electronic media
Below – Alex Shapiro – contrabass flute with electronic media

“Longtime OSF composer and fellow Southern Oregon University prof Todd Barton’s new “sonus sonorus” for Baroque flute and electronics, is inspired by an 18th century composition of French composer Jean-Marie Leclair. The splendidly diverse program… also includes Brinckman’s own sinuous new Turkish-influenced work “Hüzün Nar,” an energetic little piccolo piece by Australian composer Ross Edwards and music by American composers Shirish Korde (a haunting evocation of Japanese shakuhachi music), Washington’s Alex Shapiro (the mysterious “Below,” which evokes whale song and other aquatic echoes) and a virtuosic, appropriately titled barnburner, “Rapid Fire,” inspired by leading American composer Jennifer Higdon’s reaction to inner city violence. Each piece uses a different style and a different instrument, and Brinckman proved masterful in all of them.”

 – Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch 2/9/13


"Mystic Visions" for Flutes & Kotos

Elizabeth Brown – The Secret Life of Birds – flute, koto
The works of this New York City virtuoso flutist, shakuhachi player and thereminist have been described as luminous, dreamlike and hallucinatory. This work came from her koto-playing experiments, birdwatching, slowing down recordings of birdsong, and “hearing” the bird paintings of mystic Northwest School artist Morris Graves (who perceived his painting as a union of sight and sound).

Tadao Sawai - Flying - koto
Sawai was the Grandmaster and pedagogue of koto playing in modern Japan, who both revived koto traditions and created new contemporary techniques. Here he invokes mystery, lyricism and high drama using eerie secco "scratching" sounds, quoting traditional koto melodies and western harmonies. 

Hikaru Sawai - Dosei I and II - alto flute, bass koto
Koto player and metal guitarist Hikaru Sawai took up where his father left off. Dosei, meaning "Voices of the Earth",  is happily rooted in Western popular rhythms and harmonies.  Sawai insists on his individuality and global connections, emphasising energy over restraint.

Tessa Brinckman/Mitsuki Dazai - Umi Sajin – flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass koto
We constructed this piece together via Skype and intuition in December 2012, and premiered it at the March Music Moderne Festival, Portland in 2013. Inspired by accounts of the Dust Bowl and the Great Garbage Patches in the Pacific Ocean, this piece expresses the ambivalence of our own survival in a self-destructive world.

Toshio Hosokawa -  Snowdrops – flute, koto
This prize-winning Japanese contemporary composer studied with dissident Korean composer Isang Yun in Berlin. Schneeglocken was originally written for tenor recorder and koto, and is dedicated to the players, Jeremias Schwarzer and Makiko Goto.

Chick Corea - Children’s Songs – flute, bass koto
The famous American jazz fusionist aimed "to convey simplicity as beauty, as represented in the Spirit of a child". There are stylistic and structural parallels to the cycle, Mikrokosmos, by Bela Bartok. Corea dedicated it to Ron L. Hubbard, saying that, “…I no longer wanted to satisfy myself. I really want to connect with the world and make my music mean something to people.”

" of the most fascinating concerts in the March Music Moderne festival..." - Willamette Week, March 2013

Jack Gabel - Through A Gentle Rain - from Glass Sky CD 2005

Risonanti - Repertoire With Traverso

Jean Phillip Rameau - Pieces de Clavecin en Concert
Marais Boismortier - Duo Sonatas for Traverso and Violin
Jean Baptiste Loeillet - Sonata in G Major for Traverso & Continuo, op. 3 no. 8
Jean-Marie LeClair - Sonata no. 4 for Traverso & Continuo
Pietro Locatelli - Trio in F 
Georg Philipp Telemann - Trio Sonata in D Major for Flute, Viola d'Amore & Continuo
Johann Peter Guzinger - Partita no. 2
in F Major
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger - Partita in D Major
JJ Quantz - Sonata in E Minor for Traverso & Continuo 

Telemann - Trio Sonata for Traverso Viola D'amore & Continuo in D - Presto

Current calls for repertoire...

My contrabass flute earning its keep...

I'm looking for pieces in the following combinations (the flute part may include or exclusively use piccolo, alto flute, contrabass flute or traverso):

Traverso and....

Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute/Contrabass Flute/Traverso and Koto/Bass Koto

Contrabass flute (with or without other instruments, especially multi-media)

Flute & Percussion (with or without other instruments, especially multi-media)

Video projects involving musical collaboration


Contact me if you have something already composed.

I'll consider anything that fits within current programming needs. I'm comfortable with both scored and improvised parts.