Glass Sky - Chamber Music for Flute & Stringed Instruments - NPM LD-021

Tessa Brinckman - flute/alto flute/piccolo
Daniel Rouslin - violin
Victoria Gunn Pich - viola
Lori Presthus - cello
Victoria Ehrlich - cello
Jenny Lindner - harp
Mitsuki Dazai - koto

Released March 6, 2005; Recorded summer of 2004

Jack Gabel - Through a Gentle Rain - flute/piccolo/alto, koto
Bernard Andres - Narthex - flute, harp
Mark Fish - Pictures of Miro - flute, violin, viola, cello
Volkmar Andreae - Quartet for Flute, Violin, Viola & Cello, op. 43
Tessa Brinckman - Glass Sky - flute, violin, viola, cello
D’Arcy Reynolds
- Cloven Dreams - flute/piccolo, violin, viola, cello

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Inner Landscape - Music for the Owl House

South African film producer, Mark Wilby, has made a DVD about the artist Helen Martins, her Owl House, and how it inspired musical homages to the Owl House.

The DVD includes the recording of Tessa Brinckman and her Ensemble East West (formerly East West Continuo) and their performance of her composition Glass Sky from the North Pacifc Music release Glass Sky. Also on the DVD is a string quartet version of Cloven Dreams by D'Arcy Reynolds, performed by Sontonga Quartet. (Cloven Dreams was originally commissioned by Brinckman for flute and string trio and can also be heard on the CD, Glass Sky).

The DVD has extraordinary footage of the Owl House art work and the semi-arid Karoo desert in which this work was created. The intriguing story of Helen Martins is included in a seven-minute capsule chapter, essentially a preview of Wilby's complete documentary story of Martins, This Is My World.

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Dog Star

Tessa Brinckman is a guest artist on this CD of composer, Jack Gabel's electronic works. The Wind & the Rain was written for her, mixing manipulations of her sound with a live acoustic track.

Dog Star is Gabel's 2nd solo release. Twenty years of his electroacoustic poetry and music is represented here, in all its intelligence,pathos and humor, as commentary on our times. Comet Crash 9 is a tribute to the famous Shoemaker Levy 9, which rocketed into Jupiter at the very moment the work's tracks were first laid, and later infused with the famous Gerard Manley Hopkins text, I am Like a Slip of Comet.The title track is a poetic tribute to the composer's own cosmic canine.

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The White Snake

The White Snake is an Oregon Shakespeare Festival stage adaptation of a well-known and loved Chinese fable, by Tony Award-winning Director, Mary Zimmerman. Co-composed by Andre Pluess, Ronnie Malley, Tessa Brinckman & Michal Palzewicz, and performed by Malley, Brinckman & Palzewicz, the soundtrack also features some of the original stage-cast. The White Snake has gone on to perform at Berkeley Repertory, McCarter, Goodman and Guthrie Theaters, Wuzhen Festival (China) and The Old Globe Theater from 2012-2015.

"The original score...evokes the sound and feel of China, but the music, so beautifully thrilling and moving in its own right" - Theater Dogs Bay Area Backstage

"Achingly beautiful original music..." - Bay Area Theater Review

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